THE SLEEKER JEEP When the latest Jeep Cherokee was introduced for 2014, a lot of traditional Jeep buyers were horrified by the new styling. Gone was the angular design they were used to, and furthermore, the new grille was absolutely offensive. Fortunately, for Jeep’s corporate parent, Fiat Chrysler, a …

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           ITALIAN JEEP A HIT  The new Jeep Renegade is flying out of dealer showrooms. Sales are on track to exceed 100,000 vehicles this year. But I’ll bet you didn’t know that Jeep’s latest offering is built in Italy. Well, it is. The reason for that is that it …

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2011 Jeep Compass


Compass Updated For 2011 The Chrysler Corporation deserves an “A” for effort in updating its cars for the 2011 model year. While the automaker couldn’t totally redesign its lineup, they did improve many of their models, and made them more competitive in the marketplace. Like the Chrysler 200, which …

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